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Description of the Book :


A journey through life. Fears and feelings, thoughts and actions. What is it that we fear in the dark? What does Anger feel like and why is there Regret taking up residence in the body? Does Love exist and where can it be found? This collection of poems gives a unique perspective on the different areas of life including but not limited to; emotions, every day life events and imaginative scenarios. Enjoy the adventure.

Here are my thoughts...

  • Author's Name :  Paige Gray
    About the Author :  Paige Gray has been writing since she was a little girl. Though she enjoys writing stories, her true passion is poetry. She has many poems locked away in countless notebooks and on many storage devices and old laptops. Naturally curious (or nosy) Paige enjoys spending her time ‘people watching’ and uses these observations to fuel her imagination and create poetry. She lives in Essex, England with her husband and daughter and is a primary school teacher. When not working or writing, Paige enjoys reading, spending time with family (people watching!) and attempting to play the violin.
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