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Description of the Book :


Finally releasing thoughts without a toss about Happiness, Grief and Loss.

This collection of poetry and rhyming slur has been inspired by the deadliest catches at sea and many a red flag through rose tinted glasses. Family and friendship, and all that lies in between. Lubricated with alcoholic beverages to help swallow the lumps left in the throat.

Her Red Wine Lore

  • Author's Name : Kristina Harris
    About the Author : Kristina Harris, author of Her Red Wine Lore Kristina is a keen explorer of deep philosophy and the meaning of life. She's fascinated by the human mind and human behaviour. She always likes to help where she can. Her positive energy can be contagious or sometimes annoying, however she always tries to wade through the thick heaviness that life brings with a smile on her face. One of her closest friends would describe her as "A country and western whirlwind with a big heart that just needs a good nap with her dog when her energy dissipates." Kristina seems to attract those with flags of red highly erected. Slowly, slowly she is airing on the side of caution while learning how to create boundaries. Her Red Wine Lore is Kristina's first adventure into sharing the bewildering words that flow through the channels of her English mind.
    Book ISBN : 9785647057136
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