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Description of the Book :


Her Ethereal Heart is a collection of original poetry written to ignite a desire within to leave the man-made world and enter into the world of nature. For those who already live as one with nature, this book provides an escape from the cage of artificiality. For those who might live separated from the natural world, this book serves as a beautiful reminder of Mother Earth’s gentle guidance. Let these poems encourage you to step from the hard, concrete ground and into the soft, green grass.

Her Ethereal Heart

  • Author's Name :  Claudia Lambrecht
    About the Author :  Claudia Lambrecht is an aspiring Canadian writer. She grew up on a cattle farm just outside of Morden, Manitoba. She has been writing stories and poems in her free time since she was very young. Her goal in life is to publish more of her work and to become a recognizable name among poets and authors. If Claudia isn’t choosing which one out of her many, many notebooks to write in, she’s most likely to be found on a hiking trail or in a nature park.
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