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Description of the Book:

‘Henry, An Introspective Perspective’ is a time for you to settle down and to dream up twenty new adventures. Twenty new places await, where nothing is set in stone, everything is in front of you and all manner of reactions are welcomed. You’re leading the way and I hope you enjoy the journey. These poems offer a chance to find stillness and perhaps an answer to a question you never knew you were asking. In all of these travels ahead of you think slowly, relax and paint something for yourself, something unexpected. Inspired from embracing the light, nature, family, changing moments where hearts are breaking and hearts are making themselves back up again, I hope you enjoy the ups and downs and the wonder that surrounds you always.

Henry: An Introspective Perspective

  • Author's Name: Henry Kisby
    About the Author: Growing up in the magical countryside of Cornwall much of my time was spent running around and playing in the woods. With my fantastic siblings, Giles and Selina and wonderful friends by my side, I had a happy childhood and like all childhoods it seemed to go by like a dream. I think I found my pen to be a loyal companion when we all inevitably went out on our own way, to universities, and further afield (Australia!) My poems were born out of the changes of days. They are sparked up in stillness and in quietness. I am happiest when I am with the ones I love, I am happiest by the sea. I am happiest playing. I think you bury something precious when you are at your happiest, and indeed when you are at your saddest point too. Writing allows me to dig up those days and remain there for a moment or two longer to find joy and to understand them slightly better. Time travelling may be impossible but it can be felt, and you can return to any place if you noticed enough of where you were at the time. I hope they can take you somewhere too.


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