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Description of the Book:

Every poem in this book is a thought process that the author believed to have been running in the individual’s mind in a situation. Situations like a silly fight between siblings, a confused friend who is getting stuff sorted, a sad-looking person on the bus, thoughts on Covid’19, etc.

Hello, Life- I am Ready for You!

  • Author's Name: Sarah Panuganti
    About the Author: Sarah Panuganti is an IT specialist by profession and has been an inquisitive individual since her childhood. She loves to write, sing and observe people. She enjoys seeing others smile. When in grade one, she was compelled by her sister to participate in a poetry competition and she won it. This victory was very close to her heart and that is how her love for poetry began. Growing up she subscribed to all possible children’s magazines just to read the poems published in them and what caught her heart were the rhyming words that are used in all her poems in this book. She states that her poems are an attempt to encourage the readers to embrace life and always be willing to look at it from a different perspective, the one which will make them say "Hello, Life- I am ready for you " :) She hopes that her readers find encouragement in her writings and that it would bring a smile to their faces.


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