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Description of the Book :


Helianthus digs deep into despair, heartbreak, mental illness and the trials of love. These poems paint a very raw picture of all the richness and colour that make us human. They capture honest moments of the authors journey towards recovery and reconnecting with herself after years of battling with eating disorders, mental illness, and shame. Interwoven through this journey is also a theme of love, loss, devotion and heartbreak. Helianthus captures the loneliness and isolation experienced in a relationship struggling to stay afloat in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

Helianthus - In order to bloom, you must grow

  • Author's Name :  Heidi Gowthorpe
    About the Author :  Heidi Gowthorpe is a Poet, Actress and Musician living in Yorkshire, England. She also writes plays and has written published articles on the theme of Body Acceptance and her experience with Eating Disorders and recovery.
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