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Heavy Heart & Empty Soul

  • Author Name: SHARON KATY
    About the Author: About the Author Sharon Samuel Katy Sharon is a teacher, author, blogger, and writer. She places humanity above everything else. She is an avid over-thinker and a diehard romantic. She can write pages on romance and fantasy, thus still believes in fairy tales. Waiting for her charmer to go down on one knee and sweep her off her feet. She is a hardcore feminist and believes in equality for all. Her romance and feminist thoughts are punctuated when she puts her words down on paper. Sharon is the author of the book “He Never Kissed ME but Kissed MY Soul” and has a personal blog page ‘Whispers of #FaujiBrat’. She uses her blog page to put out her experience and send out a message to society. She is passionate about issues concerning the globe and craves solutions. Sharon enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going out for drinks, cuddling her nephew, and kissing his gorgeous face. Her other talents include keeping things safe and forgetting about them, over-thinking, losing her keys, OCD, tripping, and falling, baking, giving unsolicited bits of advice, creating memes, and laughing during serious discussions. Instagram Page- sharon.katy Write to her at


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