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"Heartstrings: Poetry of Love and Heartbreak" captures the tumultuous journey of emotions woven into the fabric of human relationships. In this collection, every verse resonates with the tender melodies of love and the haunting echoes of heartbreak. Through evocative imagery and poignant language, the poet delves into the depths of passion, vulnerability, and the bittersweet nuances of romance.

From the intoxicating ecstasy of newfound love to the raw anguish of separation, each poem unveils the intricate dance between desire and despair. Readers will find solace in the familiarity of shared experiences, as the verses echo the universal yearning for connection and the inevitable ache of love's departure.

With each turn of the page, "Heartstrings" invites readers to embark on an emotional odyssey, navigating the highs and lows of the human heart with grace and resilience. Whether immersed in the throes of love or grappling with the aftermath of heartbreak, this collection offers a timeless refuge for souls seeking solace in the beauty of poetic expression.

Heartstrings: Poetry of Love and Heartbreak

SKU: 9789360946036
  • Author's Name: Aditi Rupvate

    About the Author: Hey there! Aditi this side, my journey intertwines the realms of engineering and literature. Despite pursuing a career in computer engineering, my true passion lies in the art of writing. Being an empath gives me the multifaceted understanding I need to write my poetry. I started writing in 2018 and the rest is history. I have always had an unconscious, uncontrollably strong urge to write and bleed ink. I prefer calling it bleeding ink than writing, it's my way of sugarcoating it. Being a poetess with publications would make young Aditi extremely proud. I'm appreciative to everyone who has supported me along the road as a writer, especially my parents and my brother, who have never stopped pushing me to write and pursue my love. Regards!
    Book ISBN: 9789360946036
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