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Description of the Book:


Heartbreak and Sleepless Nights is about my journey as a nineteen-year-old suffering from mental health issues and the heavy and confusing emotions that come with it. I take you through my highest highs right down to my lowest lows. The first part of the book navigates rocky relationships, one-sided love, people pleasing, heartbreak, and resentment. Part two is centred around my personal struggles with grief, depression, and the effects of existing in a world that is oftentimes not fair. This book will bring you comfort; holding your hand and validating the emotions you may be feeling, while helping you learn that grief and healing is a process that takes time, and is not always linear.

The sun will rise and the sun will set,
please tell me if you need a friend.

This is Heartbreak and Sleepless Nights.


SKU: 9789360946586
  • Author's Name: MAHARANI SIRRIS

    About the Author:<!--td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Maharani (Rani) is a 19-year-old Indonesian and Greek Australian born poet. Who started her poetry journey on Wattpad when she was 11. She started writing to release big feelings she had when moving to a new country to start middle school, and to ease her heart during tricky relationships. Her love of writing stuck with her through all the hardships she experienced in her life. She restarted her blog called Heartbreak and Sleepless Nights on Tumblr earlier in 2023 and started posting daily. She has accumulated almost 400 poems with a total of 8 thousand likes. Since the feedback on her blog was positive, she had the idea to turn these poems into books that everyone can enjoy, and here we are.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946586
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