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Description of the Book:


This isn't a fairy tale. It's 21 poems whispered from the heart of a girl who's been bruised by love, choked by doubt, and haunted by loneliness. It's the messy, beautiful truth of navigating life's storms, one tear-streaked page at a time.

As you turn these pages, don't expect a perfect journey. Expect a mirror reflecting the vulnerabilities and triumphs we all share. Expect a hand reaching out, whispering, "You're not alone." These poems are a testament to the strength that lies within us all, the fire that ignites even in the darkest corners.

Healing, Growth and Strength

SKU: 9789363317567
  • Author's Name: Purnima Srivastava

    About the Author: It's the echo of a heart that shattered, the whisper of a soul piecing itself back together Here, you'll find the vulnerability of a girl discovering her strength. - Purnima Srivastava
    Book ISBN: 9789363317567
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