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This anthology will remain a legendary testament to the fact that the writers, poets and artists have saved humanity when the time came. In the second wave of the deadly Covid-19, India saw massive tragedies every day. Lakhs of people lost their loved ones and thousands of those who were alive were struggling for oxygen. Those in the authority were a total disappointment and the people had none but each other to ask for help. The NGOs and individuals stepped up and tried to supply oxygen to those in need. It was then, the writers, poets and artists across the world came to do their bit. BookLeaf Publishing took the initiative to publish an anthology in which the writers from all across the world would submit their writings and donate an amount of their choice in order to register themselves. Hundreds of writers donated generously and submitted their write-ups for this project. The registrations ran for six days, and on the seventh day, BookLeaf had raised 52,000 Indian rupees – which were donated to Khalsa Aid and Hemkunt Foundation, the two NGOs on the front line, delivering oxygen to those in need. The attempt to heal the world with words doesn't end here. All the profits generated from the sale of this book will be donated to The Earth and Me, a social reform and environmental conservation organization run by the parent company of BookLeaf Publishing. The donation in turn will be forwarded to NGOs working for the welfare of those in need.


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