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Description of the Book:


This is a story Told in 20 poems About a girl who went through a series of pain About a girl who is trying to heal About a hirl who has been betrayed by a friend About a girl who didn't like or recognise who she saw in the mirror About a girl who gives her body a lot more than she can take About a girl who is sick and tired of going through the same thing again and again. About a girl who hasn't been okay since October

Haven't been okay since October

  • Author Name: Fiona Way
    About the Author: Fiona Way is a student and a poet, who's pronouns are she/her/hers. Haven't been okay since october is her debut collection. Social Media - Instagram/@fionaway_ - Twitter/@fionaway_ - Poetizer/@Fiona Way - TikTok/@fionawayoct - Medium/@fiona way - Pinterest/@Fionaway
    Book ISBN: 9781005114398


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