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Description of the Book:


Hate it, love it (literally Hate it love it)- Subtle yet absurd, calming yet rushing a few times and Patterns to take you to a beautiful zone, where you feel it’s beautiful and sometimes you feel it’s a pattern of something more important than words. Short verses with a bit of story to hate and love at the same time. The beauty of words being distant for few in the busy life. I tried bringing back the elegance with subtle words and harmony which will be easy to set the emotions to lift once merged, with a pinch of philosophy if seen. Furnished with the rhythm of love, which is accompanied by a set of your imagination and emotion. It all begins with Hate it, love it.

Hate_it, Love_it...

  • Author Name: Katta Ganesh
    About the Author: My name is Katta Ganesh, a Computer Science engineer and a teenager? Yes!. Regardless of being a tech geek, I am a writer and product developer. An author, I have been a creative writer for quite a few years as a freelancer. Won the title, “best Orator” at the annual GNI event 2019. I was part of the team that won the CODE INNOVATION SERIES-Github 2021 and before that, Won a Gamethon on educating the public about COVID-19 conducted by Angel hack with US consulate-2021. Worked as an artist manager and I have been a guest speaker and an orator on philosophy and life. I love to discover so I volunteer in diverse areas irrespective of my study. If you would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you. Ig: #Ganeshspeak #Ganeshspeaks.


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