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Description of the book:

Poems being a collection of spoken and unspoken words bundled up together that expresses creative ideas of the author. Vivid vision is a revolutionary tool which wakes up young minds as well as the elders. In a hectic world like ours we hardly spend time for ourselves and be happy for a while. Here is a whole lot of collections of freestyle poems. The main intention is to spread happiness and excitement amidst desolation and despair and to inculcate over the idea. So here the author presents you a wonderful collection of poems under the title "Happiness quotient" or just HQ.

Happiness Quotient

  • Author Name: Aravindhaa V
    About the Author: Aravindhaa a.k.a. Aravind, born in Vellore, India on 4th August. Aravind is a versatile author and so his works are also versatile. He firmly believes in "Let it be simple, make it finest !". This is the rule he applied in most of his school life. He is very fond of playing with the 26 English alphabets, because that's the easiest thing one can ever do. Playing with words and giving it a touch of enlightenment are his leisure hobbies. His first book titled "Happiness quotient" is a collection of aesthetic poems. His first work was more stressed on Happiness quotient or simply HQ, in a period where people give much attention to Intelligent quotient. The author published his first book immediately after completing his high school. The author has participated in many English proficiency contests in school days and won prizes. The author has secured a rank and won a medal in Level 2 English spelling contest conducted by Shakespeare institute of English studies, Chennai.


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