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Description of the Book:

Happily ever after' consists of a series of poems based on characters from classic fairy tales. Heroes and Villains, all reside here, narrating their stories with their unique voices, beckoning you to explore their happy...or not so happy ever afters.

Happily ever after

  • Author Name: Trisha Putturaya
    About the Author: Trisha is a girl whose idea of a perfect day is curling up with her cats with some tea and a good book. She is an avid lover of writing and art, which she keeps alive in tandem with her study of Biology and Environmental science. To her, writing is a silent way of reaching out to the hearts of people and tugging at their strings just enough to make them fall in love with the words on a page. She hopes that her words may bring with them all good thoughts and feelings to all who experience them.
    Book ISBN: 9786665605804


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