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Description of the Book :


It is a poetry book to recorded memories of childhood.

Guerilla Child - A life out of Chaos

SKU: 9781005036744
  • Author's Name :  Khamseng Bohagi
    About the Author :  Khamseng Bohagi Rajkumari, pen named Wildhair Chronicles, born in the No Man's Land, 1995, is a student, a daughter and a story teller. She was born in the politically turbulence borders of the Northeastern region and one of the many children who has lived to tell the tales. Through the harsh journey from Bhutan to Bangladesh to Meghalaya and finally Charaideo, Shivsagar, the road back home took 14 years. Leaving behind the hectic past, Khamseng is now 26 years old, a student of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU. She is currently working to uplift the Assamese traditional clothing with the help of her mother and pursue a career in filmmaking and screenplay writing.
    Book ISBN :  9781005036744
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