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Description of the Book:

A collection of Poetry on love, life and other captivating sources of inspiration. A bilingual collection of English and Hindi poems.

Growing Wings

  • Author Name: Swati Sharma Singh
    About the Author: Swati Sharma Singh is an awardwinning stage anchor and a writing enthusiast. Her first poem came to her when she was in 6th standard and had to write her younger sisters Fancy dress speech. In the form of “Bharat Desh mahan”. She has been writing since on topics of love, heartbreak, life philosophy and selfmotivation. All her writings have remained safely preserved in the papers of her diary, like little secrets. This is the first time she is sharing with the world a collection of poetries she wrote as part of a 21 day poetry challenge. Instagram @officialswati Facebook @iofficialswati Twitter @iofficialswati Linkedin @anchorswatisharma
    Book ISBN: 9782790673992


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