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Description of the Book:

"Growing up" is written by a teenage girl who has suffered, learnt and becoming a better person. She named it "Growing up (shedding, staying and blooming)" that means pain, patience and growth. It is a short poetry book that pours new hopes in you and takes you on a journey of healing. The author says "Growing up" is not only growing by age, growing up means learning, accepting and moving forward. Growing up is discovering and embracing yourself. This book has poetrys in a simple language with selective words that can be easily understood and prove helpful for people of any age group. Healing starts the moment you resist to suffer, it can be at any age, any time, any day. You can grow at any age. This book offers you healing words start reading it and you can surely see a change in your thoughts, change in yourself, change in your life. The Authors motive in writing this book is she wants you to know that there is a magic in you, she wants to cure you, she wants to share the lessons that she has learnt. This book makes you realize your self worth. The author gives you best wishes for reading this book and for starting your healing journey.

Growing up: (shedding, staying and blooming)

SKU: 9781005876470
  • Author's Name: Anshika Bagde
    About the Author: Anshika Bagde is a daughter of Mr. Prakash Bagde and Mrs. Pushpa Bagde. Anshika is a 19 year old DJ and a medical student living in Bhopal. She born on 14th of April 2002 in sausar, Madhya Pradesh. She completed her schooling from sausar itself and at the age of 15 she moved to Kota, Rajasthan for her medical coaching. After passing out from high school she lived in Nagpur, Maharashtra for a year to learn music as she was interested in music. Anshika believes music is her escape, music is her saviour. At a early age of 17 Anshika became a youngest DJ of her state and since then she is performing successfully across the country. She started writing when she was 10, a kid writing poems on the sky, trees, colours and so on. Earlier it was a hobby for her with time she improved it. Anshika says "Writing is like showing mirror to her thoughts." Life was never been easy for her. She has suffered, met failures, loses, self - doubts and heartbreaks which leads to her depression. She came out of it and started writing what she is feeling and how she overcome it which results into this book. Anshika belongs to a lower family background and had faced many difficulties in reaching out here. Her parents always supports her and stand with her she never felt a barrier in doing anything, even when it comes to starting something new her parents always hold her hand. Her dad is her strength and taught her many things, life lessons. Anshika is a girl her parents must feel proud on.
    Book ISBN: 9781005876470


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