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Description of the Book:

Constellations created by freckles and scars once traced by your touch awaken as stars Growing Pains is a compilation of twenty poems, majority of which were written in June 2021, composed with a frightening level of vulnerability. Each poem, rich with imagery and raw emotionality, is woven together to embody the experience of being in love while coping with mental illness. Watts writes about her struggles and her efforts overcome them, drawing on themes of fragility and impermanence and their applicability to both emotions and relationships. The poems within this book were not written with the intention of an audience; rather, they are the product of catharsis. Growing Pains is an authentic expression of love and pain, yearning and joy, and speaks its truth without restraint.

Growing Pains

SKU: 9781005621728
  • Author Name: Lara Watts
    About the Author: Lara Watts is a poet, graphic designer and illustrator, and debut author. Writing has been her go-to emotional outlet since childhood, with her first short story ‘The Bad Sabre-Toothed Tiger’, written age 6, currently awaiting a book and movie deal. Many of Lara’s poems are impelled by her struggles with mental illness and she often fears that her writing ignores the advice of her year 12 literature teacher and crosses the line into pretentious and egocentric. Growing Pains is the first book that she has had the courage to publish and does so in the hope that her poems might resonate with others.
    Book ISBN: 9781005621728


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