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Description of the Book:

Sometimes life sucks. And sometimes it doesn't. Ups and downs are part of life, especially in your early twenties. You're experiencing all kinds of new things that could be either very good or extremely bad. Those experiences shape you into the person you are, so every decision that you make will affect your future. Making decisions is scary, because nobody wants to fall flat on their face. Yet, behind every decision lies an opportunity, an opportunity to find happiness and success.

Growing into Myself

SKU: 9781005630249
  • Author Name : Eva Noomen
    About the Author : Eva Noomen (1997) is an author from Woerden, the Netherlands. She has been studying the bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design for the last couple of years and is hoping to graduate very soon. She has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and her dream has always been to become a professional writer. For now, she will keep writing and dream big about what the future will hold for her.


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