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Description of the Book:

The color green represents Spring, Growth & Healing. 'GREEN' is a collection of poetry that explores different emotions that the human heart is capable of experiencing.


  • Author Name: Smruthi
    About the Author: Smruthi is an undergraduate student studying literature. She fell in love with books & fantasy in high school along with her best friend. Since then, she's never wanted to step back into reality. When she came across Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and Honey', she realised she could pen down & convey her emotions through poetry and she's never stopped from then. She finds inspirations from the smallest things in life to the worst trauma she can experience. For her writing poetry is simple, a piece of cake, but having someone understand it, isn't a child's play. She doesn't wish much from her future, just wants to live, explore & heal in the present.
    Book ISBN: 9780463510797


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