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Description of the Book:

Stars are mystic entities, holding within all the secrets of the universe and the wishes we put upon them. Their strengths are absolute, being the masters of births and deaths.
This book is a grave of all those stars, waiting for you to unleash their stories. 30 poems to help you walk deeper inside yourself, only to end up opening into the void of cosmos. A month worth of wandering into all the realms beyond this one.

Grave of Stars

  • Author Name: Ishita Chauhan
    About the Author: Ishita Chauhan is 18 as of now and resides in New Delhi. Currently, she is working on historic fiction novels and personal artworks while establishing bonds with her cactus garden. She frequently enjoys travelling in search of new omens and stories while diving into a deeper understanding of the paranormal or unexplained in her leisure time. Possessing a considerable imagination for the most parts, she has had lucid dreams which influence her writing recurrently.You can find her on her Instagram handle: @_.like_what._


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