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Description of the Book:

Words straight from my heart, in the hope that may touch yours. Life is such a glorious journey of highs & lows, my work explores these moments & how there are times in life that ask more of you - in those moments it tends to be will you ask more of yourself? Ultimately we are all our own lovers, our own friends & our own supporters - because from the day you are born until the day you die, you are your own life partner. My hope is that we all get to dance, sing, kiss & create with other's who share in our celebration of self along the way x

Gracefully Present: A Collection of Moments, Thoughts & Feelings...

SKU: 9781005190910
  • Author's Name: Denna Healy
    About the Author:A young woman who absolutely adores the journey of growth, deep reflection, Spoken Word poetry & adventuring in unknown places! Her Spoken Word poetry has been posted on Dan Andrew's Facebook page & performed at the Town Hall in Melbourne, both as a part of the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System. Mental health is an immense passion of hers & she has taken every opportunity available to her to support & inspire other people, as well as herself. Her hope is that every person lives a life where they are able to feel free & discover purpose x


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