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Description of the Book:

There are two sides to each coin and the closer you move a finger to one side, the closer you get to the other side as well. All you have to do is flip the coin if you would like to see the rest of it, but, you can never see it in its entirety. Gore & Butterflies, however, is about deleting this difference and barrier. It is an ambitious project which seeks to harmonise the Disgusting and the Graceful into one. The aim is not to fight said extremes, but rather, to let the fight take flight so that you may let both sides intertwine. Just like the red spider lily only grows after intense storms and heavy rainfall, the flower also withers away without its needed tempest.

Gore & Butterflies

  • Author Name: Pierre Feltz
    About the Author: Pierre Feltz (25) was born and raised in Luxembourg. He is currently doing a Master programme in Philosophy and Literature in Dublin, which he started after he completed his Bachelor programme in English Literature and Philosophy in Freiburg. He is currently planning to do a PhD in either Luxembourgish Studies or in Posthumanism. Gore & Butterflies is his first poetic publication. 
    Book ISBN: 9781005305765


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