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Description of the Book:

Poetry weaved on life, love, loss, learning, and unlearning, for all the times you pulled yourself together and shone brighter. Similar to the Japanese technique of joining the broken pieces with golden lacquer, our life experiences shape us and bind us together with the golden lining of flaws and imperfections.
The escapades and ordeals shared in this book through various poems are nonfiction if you can relate to them and fiction for those who would rather feel them as blissful or sad concoctions.
They are your stories as much as the writers.

Golden Lining

  • Author Name: Arpita Bhargava
    About the Author: Arpita is an ardent reader who enjoys her time in nature, watching sunsets, and taking the road less traveled. Her work can be read in "Love Sparks" and "Remnants of Home". She writes on her Instagram handle @poetryweaver.
    Book ISBN:  9783804004924


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