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Description of the Book:


What if you could go back in time to rectify the choices that you made? How would this impact your present-day life?
Chanda dies and goes to the ‘other side’, only to discover that she has no place in the after world. The Gods force her to come back to earth and relive her life. But there is a twist. She has been given this once in a millennia choice- to rectify three choices that she made. Will she be able to choose wisely, does she eventually get her happily-ever-after? Or is she forever caught in a loop going through her choices again and again.

Going Back...Forward

SKU: 9789360941840
  • Author's Name: Monisha Makhija

    About the Author: A travel expert and an avid reader, Monisha has been into writing for herself these last few years. It's only now, after a lot of cajoling by her children and well-wishers, that she has started sharing her work with the world. Monisha has to her credit, a set of Love Poems published in March 2023 called ‘SERENDIPITY’. This is her first novel and has been in the pipeline for quite some time. In Monisha’s words, "I did not know how the world would react to my writing, but about time I took a chance”. Vastly traveled, Monisha has been in the Travel Industry for the last 25 years and is well respected in the industry. Post the pandemic, she decided that life is too short to keep your dreams suppressed. Hence, her lifelong passion has now come to the forefront, and she plans to realize her dream of becoming a writer/poetess.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941840
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