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Description of the Book:


This book contains the thoughts I never expressed aloud. This is just a random collection of words I jotted down since I believed writing it down and expressing it was easier than verbally communicating it.

Glimpse of my thoughts

SKU: 9789358312324
  • Author's Name: Saaj Chowdhury

    About the Author: My name is Saaj Chowdhury, and I am an Indian born in Bahrain who hails from the City of Joy-Kolkata. I am an aspiring doctor. Besides that, I am fascinated by poetry, believing it is the finest means of expressing my inner feelings. As we learned in biology, acquired traits cannot be passed on to children, however, I stand out from this concept as both my grandmother and father excelled in poetry writing, and I have inherited this trait. In my life, this trait has played a key role in my growth as I have realized my creative side is a powerful tool that can help me achieve my dreams.
    Book ISBN: 9789358312324
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