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Description of the Book :


Ghosts are everywhere: they can be found in the simplest moments and the least expected spaces. Everywhere and everyone has a story to tell; its own history. There are certain things in life that do not simply demand poetry be written about them, but that are poetic in their own right. Ghost Stories explores and investigates that worldly beauty and challenges the idea of life, death, and something in between. Each poem in this 20-piece collection holds a looking glass to the vibrancy of life, nature and love, the sorrow of losing it, and the spaces between that vitality and mortality. Ghost Stories takes readers on a journey through self-identity, love, interaction with the world around them, and loss. This collection will allow readers to ponder what ‘ghosts’ are and recognize the ghosts that linger in even the most menial moments and seemingly untouched spaces. Caitlin Day’s debut collection invites readers to acknowledge the presence of ghosts, memories, around them and identify the impact they have on their lives.



Ghost Stories

  • Author Name : Caitlin Day
    About the Author : Caitlin Day, author of Ghost Stories, was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Laurier University before attending Brock University, earning a Bachelor of Education. She is an enthusiastic teacher whose passion is inclusion and equity in her classroom. When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time by the water, taking road trips with her husband, and consuming as much true crime and horror as she can. She is an artist and enjoys experimenting with digital art, watercolour, pen and ink, and sketching. She currently lives in Fergus with her husband and two huskies.
    Book ISBN : 9781005551803


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