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Description of the Book:


I pour my heart onto paper, letting words and colors flow freely. When words fail, poetry and painting become my voice, my solace.

Geetanjali – Garland of poems - I was named by my father, an author and poet. I think he knew his daughter would inherit his art of expression some day ?

My journey of self-discovery began later in life, amidst the chaos of career and routine. Writing became my anchor after leaving the corporate world. I craft simple yet profound poems, accessible to all ages.

For me, writing is more than words—it's a journey of emotions and thoughts, a pathway to self-expression. It brings me peace and tranquility, immersing me fully in the creative process.


SKU: 9789360948016
  • Author's Name: Gitanjali Thite

    About the Author: As a seasoned professional with over two decades of dedicated experience in Human Resources, Facilitation/Coaching, Entrepreneurship, I have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in balancing professional and personal life to achieve goals. Coming from a modest background and facing various obstacles, I've learned the importance of determination and perseverance in succeeding both professionally and as an entrepreneur. Throughout my journey, I've overcome challenges such as navigating career breaks, venturing into entrepreneurship, facing failure, and making a strong comeback. These experiences have given me valuable insights into starting anew and overcoming obstacles. The decision to take a break from one's career can be empowering yet daunting. Likewise, entrepreneurship has its own unique challenges yet it’s satisfying. Drawing on my expertise in goal-setting and fostering a positive mindset, I am passionate about empowering women as a Leadership Mindset Coach. My mission is to help women break through barriers and achieve their goals by providing support and guidance. I help individuals develop a growth-oriented mindset, empowering them to unlock their full potential. As a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practioner, I support organizations to build an inclusive, diverse, and equal environment. As my name says Geet-Anjali, a garland of poems – I love writing poems and painting These are not just hobbies; they're my therapy. They unleash my creativity, allowing me to express myself fully. They bring immense joy, fulfilment, and purpose to my life. In my facilitation workshops, I utilize art as a powerful tool for self-discovery and confidence-building. It serves as a channel for processing emotions, alleviating stress, and attaining inner peace.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948016
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