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Description of the Book:


Garden of Melodies offers a trip straight through the mind of the poet, highlighting his eye for the potential of character and story within seemingly simpleton things. An exploration of subjects not only outward but also within, this book features coverage of a myriad of subjects and topics, and is written in the hopes that by the end of this book, everyone will be the wiser for it.

Garden of Melodies

SKU: 9789360942717
  • Author's Name: Nishaal Adroja

    About the Author: Born and raised in the Ceramic Capital of India: Morbi, Nishaal first started writing poetry at the age of twelve. Currently fourteen years of age, he also dabbles into writing short stories now and then. He currently studies in Bengaluru. He lives in Morbi with his parents, grandparents, and a younger sister. This is his first piece of published work.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942717
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