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Description of the Book :


Inside this book you will find something to enlighten your spirits and uplift your soul. Change your thoughts and transform your heart. There's something for you here. Take a chance look inside and discover that you are about to take a journey. Enjoy a good book on a rainy day or just sipping on some tea on the lake. Either way you will fill full indeed.

Gambled on my sorrow & came out with grace

  • Author Name :  Josefina Santiago
    About the Author :  A curious soul from a big city Brooklyn New York Josefina Santiago has a Love of reading and this is what brings her soul to write freely. She is inspired by her three children and grandchildren. Encouraged by her husband and her best friend. She always dream to be an Author though life put up walls and threw obstacles in her way she never gave up hope. Patience played a big factor and accomplishment was the reward. This is her first poetry book.
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