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Description of the Book:

An amalgamation of love, life, and nature, Frondescence is a book of 21 poems made for the deepest corner of your heart. A concoction of emotions inspired by none other than Nature herself, this enchanting book of poetry, invites you to a wonderful journey that celebrates love and life, often lost in the humdrum and chaos.
Just as during frondescence, tiny leaves unfold themselves to embrace the glory of nature, this little book of rhymes, metaphor, and personification makes the reader indulge in a different realm of pristine nature.
Embodied with compassion and optimism, Let Frondescence take you on a soulful drive and make yourself come alive.


  • Author Name: Prachi Chaudhari
    About the Author: A two times distinction holder, Dr. Prachi Chaudhari ardently believes in the beauty of nature and life. A favorite amongst her family, friends and patients, Dr. Prachi's empathetic and compassionate nature reflects quite significantly in her poems. She aspires to make this world a better place through her poetry and by treating her patients right.
    Book ISBN: 9781558300941


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