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Description of the Book :


This is the wisdom I wish I had in my youth. This is the hand reaching out telling me it is ok, someone else feels the same. You are not alone, dear reader. This is a collection about the contradictions of life. Of learning how to be assertive yet vulnerable, while still remaining kind. About being powerful, yet remaining full of empathy for those around us. Of gaining wisdom, while remaining youthful in joy. In other words it is about growing up. Or what it means for me, to be a woman.

From Wisdom to Youth

  • Author's Name :  Freya Blyth
    About the Author :  Freya Blyth lives by the sea in a cosy storybook town in Wales. She enjoys far too many cups of hot chocolate and reading regency based books, while spotting dolphins, to which she always squeals with enthusiasm. She likes slow walkers and fast talkers, and all forms of loving prayer. Freya studied as an Actor in London, worked in libraries around the world and is currently studying a Creative Writing MA.
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