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Description of the Book :

A collection of poems out from the mind and mouth of a 17 year old girl. Not every poem is perfect, nor do they all makes sense but that’s how life is, a messy, beautiful, chaotic cacophony of thoughts and words that can help make the world a little brighter.

From the Mind and Mouth of a 17 Year Old

  • Author's Name : Emily Dow
    About the Author : Hi! I’m Emily but my friends call me Em. I am 17 and obsessed with writing poems, and spouting random history facts to anyone willing to listen. To me, poetry is a way to reach out to people and allow them to feel less alone, and to feel welcomed. Even if it’s just a random blurb, to someone else that could convey something relatable, most especially if it’s meaningful. I hope my words are able to be meaningful to you dear reader.


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