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Description of the Book :


Hello, I don’t know what i’m running from, or what I’m channeling into my writing. But if anything of what i’ve written makes even the slightest sense to you, welcome to the spiral of cosmic chaos! i only have one thing to say to you, from the depths of the void i’ve woven around myself, i understand you, and send you nothing but love. I wrote this for you, for us, to serve the purpose of a night light, incase you need one, or a dark tunnel, if you want to run into it. Quite a shape shifter, this book is whatever you want it to be, comfort or not. Lots of words, all for you.

From The Depths of The Void

  • Author's Name :  Ana
    About the Author :  Painting, Writing, they are all the same to me, escapades. Adoring the space, every bit of its unknown with a magnetic pull of overflowing love towards the ocean. Writing for passion as a window to the cosmogyral portal and painting dreamscapes on every wall, an ardent love for music from before i was even born. Literature, the sky and a fair share of true crime documentaries is an easy way to describe me.
    Book ISBN :  9781005283155
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