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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems on the gentle brush of fingers grabbing for the same object, the sympathetic gaze of strangers, and the way rain smells with a friend. On decay and reclaiming your body, moving forward with better love, and learning the inherent kindness of everyone around you.

Fridge Poetry & Other Virtues of Intimacy

  • Author's Name : A. R. Taylor
    About the Author : A. R. Taylor is a Queer writer from Florida, who loves writing about as much as they love picking up rocks along the road or the color green. To them, poetry is an intimate way to talk about feelings; as conveying the way they feel is often hard for them outside of the realm of writing. Mx Taylor believes in two things very strongly, the inherent kindness of people, and that you're never too old to learn how to love.
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