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Description of the Book:


In this collection of poetry, the author contemplates the current political landscape, the dangerous shift from the values of a constititional republic to one that values collectivism, the love of family and country, and navigating optimism in an increasingly dystopian world epitomized by the surveillance state.

Freedom and Individual Liberty

SKU: 9789360946746
  • Author's Name: Anna Maria Mule’

    About the Author: Anna Maria Mule' is wife to Brendan and mother of two amazing sons, Aiden and Beau. She is a veteran educator at the NYC Department of Education and a certified coach and educational consultant, establishing company, Your Best Self Coaching and Comsulting, LLC. Today Anna Maria loves educating families and young people about financial literacy and is helping families protect their loved ones as a licensed life insurance agent.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946746
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