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Description of the Book:


A bouquet of Ennui, Hubris and Eureka moments, this is a charter of the authors' life thus far.


SKU: 9789360942557
  • Author's Name: Neha Singh

    About the Author: Neha grew up in a defence services household with very disciplining parents. Neha was taught to be obedient and selfless. So she was. Neha was taught early on that only Academics mattered and a doctor is who she’s destined to be. All this English Literature business was nonsense. Fortunately Neha wasn’t a very obedient daughter. Here’s to Neha !A self-confessed misfit, Neha feels like she’s from a different time. A Communication Specialist by profession and a Creative soul at heart, Neha’s journey has seen more crests and troughs than Bengaluru roads. These outpourings are her attempt at documenting them.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942557
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