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Description of the Book:

This collection of poems travels from experiments with form and meter to experiments with thought, symbols and narrative.
Themes of collective and individual love, loss, redemption, fear, suffering, growth and hope are explored as one traverses across the sometimes rocky path that connects each poem to the other ultimately all siblings in search of transformation.

Four-leaf Clovers

  • Author Name: Meher Vadehra
    About the Author:  Born in 1995 to a teacher and sailor, Meher had an arguably privileged and colourful childhood filled with travel, books and adventure spanning across continents which fed her imagination at a tender age. She later studied fine arts at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, earned a degree in english literature from Punjab University and now holds a Masters in Design Space from NIFT, New Delhi. As a conceptual artist, experience design educator and fiction writer, Meher who is a proponent of sustainability in its many forms, tackles deeply reflective themes that explore the nature of human guilt, grief, redemption, memory and wonder. Her writing aims to be an ongoing conversation with reality and identity as both constitute our mundane rituals, our filtered world views as well as the sparse lands that are peppered with spiritually elevated experiences in the course of our lives.
    Book ISBN: 9784322791655


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