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Description of the Book:


A collection of poetry that flows like my mind. There may not seem to be rhyme or reason to the order of poems but that is only because there is no rhyme or reason to my chaos.

Formidable Mind

SKU: 9789360946487
  • Author's Name: Mercedes Hoover

    About the Author: My name is Mercedes, I'm 30 years old and I live in a quiet town in Ohio. I've made a home here with my fiancé and our three girls, the sphynx cats Akira and Freya, and Big Billy our domestic short hair. I have written in secret most of my life but it was always my dream to publish my words. Besides my passion for writing, I also love to craft and read. I have struggled with my mental health since adolescence but I am finally taking control of my mind and my life.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946487
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