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Description of the Book :


The poems in this book illustrate the trials and tribulations of a person whose tongue was stronger than his back. A person who endures the full weight of consequence to his foolish actions. Beginning with observations and social commentary, he speaks up about the injustices he sees. Soon, he realizes the error of his ways, but finds it is too late to undo what has been done. Trudging forth, he tries to navigate the chaos and pain manifested by what he has done. Attempting to lessen the blow on others, he calls further attention to himself. Facing fear, judgement, and persecution that he had never believed could be true, he faces it all while trying to retain the softness in his heart. Inspired by a hope of someday seeing a world built upon love, peace, and unity that he always feels possible within his heart. Though he is isolated in this endeavor, he knows he is far from the only one who dreams this dream. If he is to fail, he wants to fail knowing that he tried all he could to open the eyes of those he interacts with.

Forged in Fire - A Journey Through the Dark Night of the Soul

  • Author's Name :  Joseph Cieslak
     About the Author :  Joseph Cieslak has lived in the midwestern United States his entire life. Growing up from the diverse suburban sprawl of Detroit, to the rural woodlands of northern Minnesota, he saw a wide range of perspectives and interacted with many different people. He attended Grand Valley State University for a period of time before becoming more concerned in politics, social justice, and traveling. He dropped out of school in order to grow his perspectives through travel and experiences, finding what he gained through interactions to be more valuable than formal education. He has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of his life, recently being diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. Despite this, he has always found writing poetry to be cathartic, giving him some sort of release from negativity.
    Book ISBN : 9781005498252
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