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Description of the book

Everyone is fighting their demons, darkness and dragons, protecting themselves from pirates and evil queens. No one is the same no one can relate to your pain. Sometimes you may feel you have submitted all your magic, exhausted, tired. I want to tell you that you are not alone. Our battles may be different but, there is something that unites us. It is okay to lose everyone while trying to find yourself because you lost yourself pleasing everyone. You may find yourself on one of these pages. If you do, make sure you love and protect it.

For You

  • Purvasri Das
    Purvasri writes poems, which, considering you're reading this book, makes perfect sense. She loves documentaries, learning about different cultures and scrolling aimlessly. Writing a poetry book was always on her bucket list. She writes to explore what it means to be human, to tell a story. Her writings tend to travel the uncharted territories of taboos. She feels writings are a mirror to the soul, therapeutic. She wants to break stereotypes, stigmas and bring some change to society through her writings, to tear down the walls that divide us and create a better place to exist. She believes in the power of vulnerability. To her, writing is healing. She feels honoured when people connect with her poetry.


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