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Procrastination seems to be a reoccurring theme in my academic career, and it seems to translate even when it comes to poetry. The book you hold, what a miracle it is, for it may not even have existed had I not gotten my act together in time. From romantic love to platonic love to self-love, this book is enveloped in all the love I've come to witness and experience thus far as a young adult. All that I ask with this little miracle of mine, is for you, the reader, to open your heart a bit and embrace each poem with care.

For Love's Sake

SKU: 9781817803565
  • Author's Name : Nikki Delgado 
    About the Author : Poet and full-time university student, Nikki Delgado is the author of For Love's Sake. Having developed a love for poetry and spoken word performance during her high school years, dozens of poems have yet to be shared, but some have made their way into this book. For Love's Sake is her first published work.
    Book ISBN : 9781817803565
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