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Description of the Book:

Fools for Muses is a collection of autobiographic snapshots which depict growing up, relationships, love stories, and the exploration of self. This book was written spanning five years and explores themes of psychology, mythology, and synesthetic imagery. Each poem is created as a sketch of an event, person, or idea and is intended to immerse the reader in the sensation of the moment.

Fools for Muses

  • Author's Name: Nonn
    About the Author: Nonn began writing in September of 2014 and has always been guided by the idea that "you have to write bad poetry to write good poetry." She rarely edits her work as she feels it damages the impression of the original experience, instead aiming to accurately preserve the sensation. Her synesthesia plays a large role in her writing in building cross-sensory metaphors and symbolism. Her greatest goal in writing is convey her understanding of the world by drawing the reader deeper inside of themselves.


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