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Over the course of her undergraduate studies, Yamini took a break from writing for an audience, and instead took to writing for herself. Getting lost in the world of poetry saw her through some challenging times, particularly the pandemic. This collection comprises her reflections on life and her struggles with performance anxiety and an eating disorder, collectively marking her coming of age in a brave and confusing new world.

Food for thought

SKU: 9789360946456
  • Author's Name: Yamini Prashanth

    About the Author: Yamini Prashanth is a 22 year old girl who has always had an inclination for the world of stories and rhymes. She was one of India's youngest published authors, having her first Novella "Mishti" published at the age of 11, and subsequently 3 other works - a collection of short stories, a novel, and an anthology. She has toured several schools across India to inspire students to unlock their imaginations through reading and writing. She was also India's youngest TedX speaker, having spoken at TedX EMWS at age 13. She is currently in her final year of undergraduate studies at Nanyang Technological University. These days, she focuses on writing assignments!
    Book ISBN: 9789360946456
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