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Description of the Book:


Relentlessly trying to accomplish great things when your past haunts you like a shroud may seem difficult. When the universe seems to work against you, becoming greater than you are feels impossible. Follow Lily as she leads you through complex emotions that deal with trauma, fear, depression, and religion.

Flying Without Wings

SKU: 9789360945169
  • Author's Name: Lily West

    About the Author: Lily West grew up and was raised in Plano Texas but moved to the rural town of Bells Texas in her seventh grade. It was in this school that she found her love of poetry and began to focus more on her natural talent for writing. She quickly learned to cope with her past and trauma by weaving it into poems. She found support and friendship with not only her fellow students, but the staff of her school leading her to work towards publishing her work and show others that there is no need to be ashamed of what they have survived.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945169
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