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Description of the book


'flowers in the moonlight' is a collection of poems that has been created with the thoughts, feelings, fears, and experiences of a 16-year-old. it deals with themes of love, friendship, and society, and gives expression to the thoughts, dreams, and fears that had been stored in an isolated corner of my mind. i hope that these poems allow you to find a sense of familiarity in a world that seems to grow increasingly strange and foreign.

Flowers in the Moonlight

SKU: 9781005350901
  • Author Name: Teesha Aurora
    About the Author: I am Teesha, a sixteen-year-old pursuing humanities at Jamnabai Narsee School. I have been writing since the fifth grade. What began as incorrectly spelled words on scraps of paper has turned into over fifty poems and stories. The things I write stem from my experiences and emotions, and those of the people around me. Most of it revolves around friendship, love, loss, healing, nature and philosophy. I have always enjoyed things in the realm of writing and speaking. I run a podcast with my friend, and I also manage a poetry account. I have a passion for debate, and I pride myself on being informed about various social happenings in different parts of the world. I run a book donation drive-Books to Benefit-with my friend. I am currently learning Spanish, how to code and how to play the guitar.I am interested in philosophy, psychology, ethics and literature.On lazy days, you can find me reading a John Green Book while listening to One Direction, or watching a romantic-comedy on Netflix in a weirdly positioned manner.I write with the hope that my writing can help someone to realize that they aren't alone.I reside in Mumbai, under an ever-increasing stack of books that I have yet to read.
    Book ISBN: 9781005350901


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