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Description of the Book:

This book of poems is a collection of feelings, emotions emanating from the bottom of the heart. It succinctly carries stories of different actors, both animate and inanimate. It tries to search for the soul of the character in what they face, and somewhere form a connection with the reader. It portrays different characters like a young boy in love, a couple at an old age home, a young entrepreneur, a girl trying to balance all, a tigress guarding her territory and many more. It attempts to carry a message in every poem, a message that will linger long with the reader, after they have read it.

Flittering Thoughts

  • Author's Name: Mangesh Kherdekar
    About the Author: Mangesh Kherdekar has completed his Masters in Computer Applications and has been working in the field of computers for around 9 years, as a Software Developer as well as a Trainer. He is passionate about the English language since his childhood, to the extent that he cannot sleep peacefully if he hasn't read anything for the day. This is his first book on poems.
    Book ISBN: 9781005236212


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