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Description of the Book:


Thoughts and ideas are said to be fleeting, unless put down in writing. This eclectic collection of twenty poems attempts to explore a small part of such thoughts and ideas, as well as answer certain weird queries that pop up suddenly in passing; all through a lens of rhyme, artistic imagery, occasional humour and pure imagination, giving Flights of Fancy its name. Written in clear and uncluttered language, with a wide variety of themes, this whimsical, and occasionally emotive, debut anthology makes for a quick and enjoyable read, delighting poetry and literature lovers alike.

Flights of Fancy

  • Author Name: Winnie Acharya
    About the Author: 
    Winnie Acharya is a healthcare professional who describes herself as a writer at heart. A self-professed introvert, she lists reading, music, travelling and photography as her primary hobbies, all of which serve as fuel for her vivid imagination. As an ardent lover of magic, myths and all things fantastic, she’d love to be one of the Eldar, if only for a day! An alumni of Kursk State Medical University, Russia, she presently lives in Odisha, India, in the temple city of Bhubaneswar with her family and her dog Sansa. You can follow her on Instagram: @infrequent_wordsmith


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