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Description of the Book:


This book has a compilation of poems which reflects the journey of success and failure and the fights
we go through in our daily lives. It is merely an expression of some unsaid words and unsaid rules.
This book will dive into your hearts to evoke the treasure of thousands of chaotic emotions which
are difficult to understand and even more difficult to manage. Sometimes even a miniscule incidence
of your life can put a huge impact on your state of mind but it gets really difficult to frame it into
words. This book tries to do the same. It expresses the emotions that we experience in different
phases of our life through the meter and rhythm of poetry. Sometimes when it feels like nothing is
wrong and we just keep going forward in a set of motion but once we stop and think even for a
second we can feel a surge of emotions flowing through our veins, that’s what the poems of this
book targets. Hope it will touch your heart as every word of it touched mine.

Fight within

SKU: 9789360948726
  • Author's Name: Dr. Himanshi Raheja

    About the Author: A working woman, a house maker and a mother. Writing has always been a hidden passion of mine. Turning and twisting words and entangling them into something beautiful is what I do. It is also a way of framing my emotions into words. Sometimes when I don't know how to react to the world I come back to my pen and notebook and express my feelings to them. I may not be understood by the world but these poems know me from the inside out.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948726
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